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Get a New Glow With Smooth, Silky Skin

We specialize in eyebrow and lip waxing services in Mandan, ND

Are you tired of dealing with bushy eyebrows or itchy lips? Kiss those excess hairs goodbye with eyebrow or lip waxing services at Carol's Beauty Salon. We are skilled in edging brows, creating smooth lips or lining beards just how you want them.

Show off your beautiful skin. Contact us today at 701-751-0118 for thorough lip or eyebrow waxing services in Mandan, ND.

Wondering about the benefits of waxing?

All it takes is a set of unkept eyebrows or hairy lips to ruin your whole look. When you come to us for lip or eyebrow waxing services, you'll be avoiding the hassle of maintaining unruly hairs in a smooth and easy fashion. You can stay beautiful and cut your makeup routine in half by making one stop by Carol's Beauty Salon.

Let your skin shine as bright as you do. Get in touch with us for smooth eyebrow or lip waxing services.